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Professional Support for Your Business

Unlike some other companies, we do NOT outsource our support. All work is 100% local!
We respond rapidly to support issues by using a variety of remote tools and diagnostics that we setup in advance at our clients’ businesses. On the occasion when onsite work is required, we’ll be there and we’ll ensure it’s done right.


Critical Device, Systems and Services Monitoring

We do Servers, Laptops, Workstations, Switches, Smartphones, Routers, Wireless Networks, Backup Power Supplies – Everything IT!
Proactive, preventive maintenance stops most problems from occurring, and constant multi-vectored monitoring helps take care of the remainders. For the IT equipment that your business depends on, you need 100% coverage.

Remote Work

Secure Remote Workspace for your Employees

Connectivity from Anywhere! Whether it’s Private on-premise cloud, Public cloud, Remote connectivity to the office, Connectivity between branch offices, it’s All Secured.
We offer a variety of remote connectivity solutions with security always at the forefront. No matter where you need to work from, we can make sure it’s safe, secure, and that your data remains in Canada.


Encrypted Offsite Backups for Total Protection

We offer fully monitored cloud backups to Canadian data centers, Onsite backup appliances, Hosted email backups, Office 365 backups and Long retention periods.
It’s inevitable, something will go wrong. Whether it’s an accidentally deleted file, a hardware failure or a full loss of data from a ransomware attack, you will lose valuable data someday. Backups have never been more important.


Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Security and Compliance

Full Cyber Security Solutions: Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Threat Monitoring, Endpoint Protection, Auditing, Patching, Updates, Malware Prevention, Anti-Phishing, 2 Factor Authentication and more!
There are many threats to your business waiting for your employees on the internet, and they could be one click away from someone holding your data for ransom… or worse. Make sure you’re protected by professionals who understand business.


Hardware, Software & Equipment Installations

Routers, wireless access points, scanners, accounting software, smart devices, workstations, servers and networking devices.
All businesses need IT infrastructure, even if they’re primarily using the cloud. We can take care of everything from Cloud services to your Internet Provider and everything else connecting your office to branch offices and even your comfortable remote work location.


Our Mission:

To Solve All Your IT Problems, so that you can get back to business.

Look forward to a brighter day where your IT worries are behind you.



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